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Getting Started with Kelley Kinetics

Here’s what you can expect when you train with Kelley Kinetics:


You and your coach will communicate about your fitness goals, and what you’re looking for from a coaching relationship. Whether your goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, finish a triathlon, or run a mile without stopping, reaching your goal is important. You’ll also discuss your plan needs, whether it is a work schedule, previous injury history, a psychological doubt, and all the other elements that are important to consider in your training program.

You’ll choose your coaching plan package, customize it to your needs and goals, and go from there!


Once you get started, you will perform a functional movement assessment which uses research, technology, and coaching expertise to identify weaknesses, imbalances, overactive muscles, and other opportunities for improving efficiency in your form. Movement patterns are addressed from the very beginning of your program, to build a strong foundation and prevent injuries, rather than continuing dysfunctional movements that will derail your progress and possibly end your race season.


Your plan provides daily, detailed, and purposeful workouts, in a format that allows you to easily provide feedback and results. Plans utilize periodization of build and recovery cycles, and are provided to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Follow it closely, communicate openly, and you should see the results you’re after.


Feedback provided through the plan document, or through other communication, is used to continually tailor your plan to your needs and abilities, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your training program. Plan updates take into consideration your goals, as well as your performances in workouts to-date.


Life happens, things come up during intense training cycles. Additional in-person coaching sessions, injury assessments or treatments, form and strength re-evaluations are all available throughout your program.


Shortly before your event a realistic race strategy will be developed based on your goals and prior performance from training.  Your coach will put in an effort to be present on race day, to support you, cheer for you, and see you hit your goals!

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