Personal Coaching for Run, Triathlon, and Fitness - Milwaukee, WI


Tailored To My Needs

I can’t get over how my training plan and corrective exercises are tailored to my needs. I have been through many PT sessions with different injuries and this is far better. Kim took the corrective actions and paired them with a focused training schedule to help me achieve my goal.

The Way Coaching Should Be

Kim helps change the way you work out to the way it should be. I could barely walk before, and now I can work out with a LOT less pain. Kim helps you get better and really cares about your goals. I am about to do my first 5k in three years. That’s a heck of a change for me!

Surpassed Expectations

When I started looking at coaches, I really wanted to find the best. The few that I was looking at seemed decent, but the training plans still seemed very out-of-the-box. No one seemed to be able to make personalizations, and give me the reasoning behind it. I like knowing the purpose behind it all. When you hear Coach Kim talk about biomechanics and training, both her depth-of-knowledge and passion is so clear. She really has a talent for understanding bodies, and she has the background to back it up. She has surpassed my expectations for sure.

Reaching my Triathlon Goals with Coach Kim

Kelley Kinetics offers the knowledge and availability to create programs specific to my needs. I really wanted to focus on triathlons, and so far, because of her coaching, I was able to do my first lake swim triathlon. She is very accessible and easy to work with!

Unmatched Knowledge in Training

Coach Kim’s levels of knowledge are off the charts. She understands so many different aspects of training, from form and injury biomechanics, to physiological training cycles, to the importance of recovery, and the sum of that made all the difference for me.

The Best Support. Ever.

Never have I ever had anyone spend time with me to make sure I achieved my goals. That’s Coach Kim.

Training with a Purpose

Kim Kelley has the strongest fundamentals of any coach in the area, and that’s important to fundamentals as an athlete. Everything with her made so much sense. Each workout had a clear purpose. We worked to address weaknesses instead of dealing with the aftermath of a potential injury. I’ve never felt solidly stronger – strong, fast, confident, and like I’m running steadily injury-free! I hit my marathon PR because of the strength of this program!

Would Definitely Recommend

I would recommend Kelley Kinetics to anyone who is looking for a coach capable of creating a plan that deals with all aspects of fitness and training. I see too many friends falling short of their goals because of minor injuries, or following an internet “training plan” that was not designed for them.

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