Personal Coaching for Run, Triathlon, and Fitness - Milwaukee, WI

Why Kelley Kinetics?

No matter your fitness discipline, forward progress always starts with a strong foundation.

Kelley Kinetics starts at the base, improving strength and fitness while preventing injury, so you can reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Kelley Kinetics works with athletes of all disciplines and abilities, because fundamentally, correct body movement is vital for anyone active, from Ironman triathletes to baseball players to those looking to simply incorporate fitness into their life, properly.

Athletes with Kelley Kinetics begin with functional movement screening to uncover potential weaknesses, and address them at the core. Improving strength and balance, while proactively preventing potential injuries is a key part to a successful program. Athletes are provided with a routine to focus on their individual needs, and create a strong foundation for any training program they may pursue.   Learn about the F.I.T. Philosophy  >

Training plans for endurance athletes and sport specific athletes are purposefully built on these strong foundations, and based on extensive research and experience in training philosophies. Overall programs and individual workouts are designed with purpose, and based on each individual athlete’s goals, needs, and past performance. Training integrates vital elements such as strength and cross training, and recovery, allowing progress to be tangible and predictable, so that athletes get closer to their goals.   Find Your Training Plan  >

Kelley Kinetics works with:

  • Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Other Endurance Athletes
  • Sport Specific Athletes
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Those seeking improved General Fitness
  • Additional disciplines – just ask!

Plans are truly customized and updated on an ongoing basis to adapt to each athlete’s needs and performance. Unlike other plans or coaching programs, a responsive line of communication, and an individualized, dynamic program allow athletes to receive the attention they deserve to ensure they are on the right training track, even if conflicts arise.

Coach Kim Kelley has extensive education, certifications, and experience with functional movement and injury prevention, as well as sports massage, taping, and more, allowing athletes to have many essential disciplines at hand, all in one coach.   Meet Coach Kim  >