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What is F.I.T.?

F.I.T. For Your Life

What does it mean, and how does it affect you?


F is for Functional – your training is based on science and research, and designed to produce viable results in real world applications. Programs are built on strong foundations, and workouts have specific purposes, to advance your abilities and get you to your goals intelligently and confidently, while working to avoid injuries.

This means you’ll receive a functional movement assessment and corrective exercises to address weaknesses and overactive muscles so that you can move efficiently and safely┬áto perform at your highest level.


I is for Individualized – your plan is built on a foundation of proven training and corrective exercise philosophies. It starts with an assessment to uncover and address your own weaknesses, considers your personal racing or health goals, and is fit around your schedule and lifestyle needs.

This means you’re getting the right plan for YOU, starting from step one, with customized adjustments throughout. You can have faith that you’ll see results from the effort you put in, and the guidance from Kelley Kinetics.


T is for Training – The science and knowledge are combined with your individuality, and put into a day-by-day, and week-by-week training plan for you to execute.

This means you’ll have a straightforward, logical plan to follow, while being able to provide feedback with your coach, so your plan continues to be tailored to your performances, abilities, and goals. When everything comes together on a strong foundation, a solid training plan and consistent effort you will have greater success at reaching your goals.